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Governing Board

These are the members of the Governing Board of ORC.

Mr. Seth Asante
Mr. Seth AsanteBoard Chairman
Mrs Jemima Oware
Mrs Jemima OwareRegistrar of Companies
Prof. Date-Bah
Prof. Date-BahMember
Yasmin Baba
Yasmin Baba Member
Mrs. Lady-Ann Essuman
Mrs. Lady-Ann Essuman Member
Gloria Hiadzi
Gloria HiadziMember
Mr. Charles William Zwennes
Mr. Charles William ZwennesMember
Mrs. Deborah M. Agyemfra
Mrs. Deborah M. AgyemfraMember
Pro. Prof. Atuilik
Pro. Prof. AtuilikMember
Veronica Adigbo
Veronica Adigbo Member
Caroline Chapman Agyeman
Caroline Chapman AgyemanMember


Office of the Registrar of Companies,Ghana
P.O.Box GP 2559 Accra
Tel: +233 30 266-6081/30662043
Whatsapp/Telegram: 055 765 3130
Email: info@orc.gov.gh
Digital Address:GA-143-4647

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