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How do I know who a Beneficial Owner is?
A beneficial owner (BO) is any living person who has substantial and significant interest or control over a company. This can be a direct interest, through for example owning a significant proportion of shares in the company, or indirect, such as having influence over significant decisions related to the running of business of a company. This means that any company may have no BOs, or it may have many depending on how control over the company is managed. If in doubt over a specific case, ask our legal officers for advice.
What type of personal identification will be acceptable to identify the Beneficial Owner?

The form of identification must be valid, issued by a national Government agency, and be unique to that person. These would include:

  • TIN
  • Passport
  • National identity card
  • Social security number or equivalent
  • Driving licence
What are the different levels of portal users?

There are 2 levels.

With the first level, the user doesn’t have to create an account but can do a name search online, but there’s a disclaimer on the site, as it’s not a comprehensive search of all ORC database

The second level is for registered users for our online services.


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