Business Names

Registration of Business Names Act, 1961(Act 151)

Business Names also known as a sole proprietorship (one-man business) registered by one (1) person who takes all business decisions and all liabilities are unlimited i.e. makes profits alone and bears losses alone.

Procedure for registration

  • A search for availability of the name must be conducted
  • Applicant may pick up a prescribed Form A from the in-house bank or Download
  • Submit completed and signed Form A at the Business Names Registration Counter for Verification and Capturing or submit Online
  • Pay processing fee of GHS 100 at the in-house bank or Online on the platform
  • VIP service cost of GHs 400 in addition to the processing fees (optional)
  • Registrar Examines, Approves and Issues:
    • Certificate of Registration 
    • Certified True Copy(CTC) of Form A
  • Mandatory renewal of registered name each year at a fee of GHS 60 ( or pay by using  USSD *222#)