Private Company Limited by Guarantee

A company limited by Guarantee is a company which has the liability of its members limited to an amount that the members may respectively undertake to contribute to the assets of the company in the event of it being wound up 


  • Shall not  for the purpose of incorporation be registered with shares
  • Shall not create or issue shares
  • Shall not be incorporated with an object of carrying on business for the purpose of making profit but can make profit for the furtherance of  its objects
  • The members are jointly and severally liable for the payment  and discharge of the debts and liability of the company incurred when they carry on business for the purpose of making profit knowingly
  • All private companies have perpetual succession 
  • In the event of the company being wound up, the total liabilities of the members to contribute to the assets of the company shall not at any time be less than the amount guaranteed in the application for incorporation


Procedure for registration

  • Check for the availability of the name to be used
  • Applicant may purchase a set of Private Limited by Guarantee Forms(Form B) from the in-house bank or via download
  • Attach a consent letter from a qualified  and licensed Charted Accountant with the Institute of Chartered Accountants Ghana and  must be registered as a Sole Proprietorship/Partnership(An auditor is eligible to serve for a period of 6 years and shall be rotated after 6 years.)
  • The Statutory  Declaration Forms must be witnessed by the Commissioner for Oaths/Notary Public/Self-Declared
  • A minimum of two directors are required. Each must submit a Statutory Declaration & Consent Letter  with the registration Form. The Secretary must also submit a consent letter
  • Submit completed forms at the Company Registration Counter for Verification and Capturing or submit application Online
  • Pay Incorporation and filing fees of GHS 430 at the in-house bank or Online via payment platform
  • VIP service cost of GHS 1000 in addition to the processing fees (optional)
  • Registrar Examines, Approves & Issues :
    • Certificate of Incorporation
    • Certified Copy(CTC) of the Standard/Registered Constitution of the Company
    • Certified Copy(CTC) of Form 3B
    • BO Profiles
  • Mandatory Filing of Annual Returns at a fee of GHS 90 together with a financial statement after 18 months of incorporation and subsequently every year.