Professional Bodies

A Professional Body is a body corporate made up of professionals that are trained and qualified in a recognized profession and are united in a common interest  for the purposes of pursuing research and any other activities concerned with the progress of knowledge in that profession and for maintaining and advancing a code of ethics and conduct amongst its members.

The body corporate  :

  • Shall have a membership not less than fifty unless given special dispensation by the President
  • Shall have perpetual succession  and a common seal
  • May sue and be sued in its Corporate Name
  • May acquire , hold and dispose of movable or immovable property
  • May enter into a contract or any other transaction  



  • Check for the availability of the name to be registered
  • Applicant may purchase Professional Bodies Form(Form A) from the in-house bank or download online
  • Provide a consent letter from a qualified  and licensed charted accountant with the Institute of Chartered Accountants Ghana in good standing and  must be registered as a Sole Proprietorship/Partnership
  • Submit Completed and signed forms at the Company Registration Counter for Verification and Capturing or submit application Online
  • Attach the  constitution and list of members as at the date of application together with their qualifications and addresses
  • Pay filing a fee of GHS 1380  at the in-house bank or pay via Payment platform online
  • VIP service cost of GHS 1000 in addition to the processing fees (optional)
  • Registrar Examines, Approves & Issues :
    • Certificate of Registration
    • Certificate of Professional Membership
    • Certified Copy (CTC) of  Professional bodies Form A
  • Mandatory Filing of Annual Returns  at a fee of GHS 610 together with a current list of members and financial statement every year.
  • Mandatory Annual Renewal  fee of GHS 30 per member every year